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Download Instagram IGTV Videos

Discover a seamless, speedy, and efficient way to download Instagram videos using our IGTV Video Downloader. As you browse through Instagram, you might stumble upon an IGTV video that catches your eye. Now, saving it to your device is as simple as a breeze. Just copy the video URL, paste it into the designated field on the FastDl page, and hit the Download button. Voila! Your video is ready for offline viewing.

How to download IGTV from Instagram?
To download IGTV video follow a few easy steps, described below.
From Desktop Browsers
  • Click the share button beneath the IGTV
  • Click "Copy Link" option
  • Paste the copied URL in the URL field above on iGram
  • Click "Download" button
  • After searching finished, you'll find IGTV videos below
  • Click download button to save IGTV
From Instagram Mobile App
  • Tap the three dot menu icon at the right corner of the IGTV
  • Click "Copy Link" option
  • Paste the copied URL in the field above
  • Click "Download" button
  • In no time, you'll find IGTV video below
  • Click download to save it

Download IGTV Videos

Instagram IGTV Downloader

IGTV Downloader

After clicking the Download button, you want to check if the video has been downloaded. So, no matter what device you use, a smartphone, a tablet, a Mac, or a PC, the IGTV video will be downloaded in the default Download folder. There should be no compatibility problems.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is iGram private?

YES, it is an online service that does not keep logs of personal video downloading. We log all failed attempts for self-improvement needed for optimization purposes.

What's the charge for the IGTV Downloader?

We do not charge for our services. It’s free! We have some small pop-up advertisements to keep the service working.

Is there a length limit of a video file that I want to save by using the service of the IGTV video downloader?

The length can vary from 1 second to up to 15 minutes but without any restrictions for public posts. You should only bear in mind that in case you prefer long length video you must have enough memory on your device.

Does this IGTV video downloader have compatibility with all types of devices?

Yes, all devices are compatible to get videos from Instagram and download them with IGTV downloader. If you are using a computer, PC, desktop, laptop, iPad, or a smartphone. Any of the mentioned devices with a browser will work.

Is there a need for installing this IGTV downloader on my device to save a video from Instagram?

There is no need for installing as it is a cloud-based tool. The only need is to paste the link and then see what happens!